Shirley is a Chinese finance professional with vast overseas exposure. She is a certified Canadian as well as American accountant and held several positions with major Accounting and Advisory firms for over 10 years.


Shirley just completed a 4 months assignment for a leading Taiwanese company in the retail and fashion field. The company underwent changes due to investment of a US PE fund and Shirley helped to bridge the gap in their finance team.


During her assignment Shirley was working together closely with the CFO. She consolidated finance matters for over 40 plants in China and set-up new procedures for the company’s monthly reporting. She worked together closely with the FP&A team and supervised the local accounting and finance staff.


“Shirley is a very professional manager who focuses on delivery. She works well under pressure and meets tight deadlines. She is flexible and responds quickly to changing business needs. Shirley is the sort of person who seeks to continuously improve ways of working to drive change and establish new working practices” HR Director Lily Chen comments.


Ms. Chen continues that “improvements could be seen within one month. Shirley is a strong leader and could gain the trust of our employees, and we could see the performance of our team improve.”


Due to the fact that our interim manager overachieved her targets and showed excellent performance she was even offered permanent employment to take over the responsibility of the whole accounting team of over 300 staff nationwide. IMS is currently facilitating this transition and coordinating with the authorities.

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Joe is an American citizen and a highly experienced IT professional, providing IT Project Direction and Management, with over 15 years experience in the IT field of which 3 years working in China (mainly Beijing & Shanghai). He has vast experience with Microsoft systems and has even managed the relocation of an entire IT division to a new facility in the US. Joe speaks Mandarin at a conversational level and he is continuously improving his Mandarin skills.


His current assignment for Interim Management Solutions is as director of Information Technology for a textile company based in Suzhou. He is now into the 4th month of a 12 month contract where his main KPI is to specify and deliver a new ERP system.


Joe's hands-on experience has been invaluable in bringing the company's IT infrastructure up to the required standards necessary prior to rolling out a successful ERP platform. Being able to adapt and provide solutions not in the original assignment are all part of the skill set of the Interim Manager.


General Manager, Geoff Newman comments, "Joe's prior experience from the IT industry and working here in China has meant the project is running smoothly and to budget. The new ERP system has been specified and the next steps are the rollout and staff training (both operators and system maintenance). Once the project has been completed, local staff will take responsibility for the systems. The use of an Interim Manager is exactly what our company requires to ensure the project is a cost effective success. I can see that Joe's skills will be much in demand."


Joe added "It was very challenging especially in the beginning as I had to put new processes in place and re-organize the IT structure of the company. I got support from the management and the IT team members and once the IT department was stable we could start with the ERP system implementation."


Using an Interim Manager provides businesses with flexibility and experience without additional head count. IMS take care of all of the visa, insurance and payroll administration to provide a simple, outsouced solution.

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At Interim Management Solutions, we aim to please. This is why we only source the best executives available worldwide for our database. We have specialists and industry recognised veterans for many different industries. Our rigourous selection process ensures only the best make it through.


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Interim Management Solutions gives companies instant access to the outstanding interim managers they need. From CEOs and Managing Directors through to any senior management function – our global talent bank  includes all of the top interim managers and executives working in Asia today.


With our history in executive recruitment, we believe in working in strategic partnership with our clients throughout the whole interim management assignment. We want to be judged on the quality of our service, our interim managers and - most importantly - the results they deliver.


Our unique approach means that we:


Follow a thorough placement process to ensure that we meet your needs - fast.

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Ensure all our interim managers provide clients with regular updates and feedback on key plans and deliverables, facilitated by our experienced industry consultants using our unique assignment management process.


Provide clients with access to our online contract management system that allows them to track all timesheets and contracts instantly - at any time.


Use a unique competency based interviewing approach to ensure that we only select candidates that are best suited to interim management.


Keep clients and candidates in touch with current management issues through our newsletters and constant correspondance.

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