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The high demand for LSS Interims

By Thomas Reid, Oct 15 2014 07:55AM

As the appeal of the world’s second largest economy continues to grow, the increase in foreign investment combined with ever expanding local enterprises continues to drive healthy competition across industries. This creates a necessity for flexible workforces that can adapt to keep up with industry standards. This is particularly essential in the Operations field of Lean Six Sigma manufacturing.

Lean Six Sigma is widely recognised as a world class operational excellence programme, however it is certainly not a new concept. They are together well embedded and widely used globally across many industries with their application producing significant results in maximizing production efficiency and assuring quality of products at the highest level. Over 60% of the Fortune 500 companies are actively seeking professionals in the global market with qualifications in Lean and Six Sigma in order to achieve a competitive advantage. With China at the heart of global manufacturing, the need to achieve operational excellence has become common place in order to keep up with the competition.

Companies are continually seeking new methods to build on and apply new Lean Six Sigma applications. This creates a high workload resulting from internal project work and assignments to oversee the research and application of principles. As such there is an ever increasing demand for highly skilled professionals with the qualifications and experience to oversee the transition from theory to the factory floor.

When recruiting for Lean Six Sigma leaders to oversee projects of such importance, sometimes looking internally is not always the best option. For such action sometimes the external interim manager is the person ideally placed to ensure project completion and to yield maximum results. Interims have a proved track record of project success that gives them great knowledge to oversee application and solve any problems that may arise. Their local and international working background affords them global insight into the best practices and procedures. This allows them to deliver instant experience, taking control immediately and hitting the ground running, resulting in immediate impact. They bring their industry and role specific expertise to the assignments targets and can work at pace with a hands on style. This is further helped by their non-affiliation with intercompany politics as they are not limited by pre-assignment baggage.

Interim Management is proving to be a highly attractive alternative in the Lean Six Sigma field. Whether it is overseeing deployment at a factory level or higher in an operations role, senior managers and executives are eager to showcase their skills and experience. Operations, Lean and Six Sigma has great potential for interims to be effectively utilized in a high demand and fast evolving industrial field.

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