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This varies on a case to case basis. Even though our Interim Managers are highly experienced, they all have varying salary expectations. This rate will also vary depending on the candidate's experience and the nature of the client's Interim assignment.





Interim Management Solutions have placed Interim Managers in assignments from as little as four months up to 24. Duration very much depends on the client's needs.





As Interim Managers frequently move from company to company, they are free from the "politics" that can distract permanent staff, enabling them to be 100% focused. They are able to enter a company and have only the company's interests in mind.




Interim Management Solutions' selection process is rigourous. Only 'proven heavyweights' are processed onto our database. This is because we know that for an Interim assignment to run smoothly, our candidates sometimes need to be over qualified for the position they are taking on.






No matter what the business issue, our Interim Managers have extensive experience in it. Many of our clients have told us how suprised they were when they realised how effective the Interim Manager was in such a short space of time.






The candidates on our database choose to be there. They have either gained their experience through interim assignments or through full-time positions. One of the main reasons Interim Managers choose their profession is that they enjoy the risks and rewards associated with it.




The contract ends and the Interim Manager is either taken on permanently takes a break or moves onto his next assignment.







In several of our past cases, both our client and our Interim Manager have been happy working together. So much that they have decided to continue working with each other. For more information on past cases, visit our Testimonial page.




For more information, or if you have any more questions regarding our services, contact us here.

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A member of the J.M gemini group.

A member of the J.M. Gemini group.


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At a time when many people are moving into freelance work, upholding professionalism and quality is more important than ever. We believe our clients get the best interim results from people for whom interim management is a career choice, not those who are ‘between jobs’.


So our interview process is the most structured in the business, and we always take up formal references, with informal soundings too where possible.


With interim management, the contractual arrangement is between the client and us, and the interim and us. The client does not usually have a contract with the interim directly, meaning we are fully responsible for the quality of the interim manager.


We keep in regular touch with both interim and client, and manage the situation actively through a well-structured reporting process.


We believe that the professionalism and thoroughness of our approach brings business benefits to our clients – and the level of repeat business we get seems to bear this out.


Clients tell us that our interims leave legacies – developing in-house staff, creating structures and teams, or setting up systems for the future – that help to build capacity and capability for our clients.

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