IMS provides senior Interim Management services for organizations that may need executives on a short or long term basis to strengthen their executive team, lead a project or programme, provide an injection of skills that are lacking, or to simply transform their business. From CEOs and Managing Directors through to any senior management function – our talent bank includes all of the top interim managers and executives working in Asia today.


IMS has been developing, screening and nurturing a talent pool of Managers and executives who have extensive experience in handling complex short to long term challenges that occur periodically in business operations here in Asia. Our pre-vetted global executive talent bank lets us quickly identify the right candidates much faster than traditional executive headhunters do.






























In the past, many companies in Asia have approached Management Consultancies when they wish to gain external (and presumably objective) advice and access to the consultants' specialized expertise. However, many executives who initially think they need a management consultant ultimately decide to deploy an interim manager. This is because unlike consultants, interim managers are loyal to your business objectives and as they work on a referral basis, they strive to achieve the highest standards. They also have a bigger impact on your business as they take a more hands-on approach rather than just an advisory role.




There are a number of different situations when the need for an Interim Manager can arise. IMS has placed candidates in a variety of different roles in different situations. Typically these could be situations such as:

- Crisis management

- Sudden departure

- Managing change or transition

- Sabbaticals

- MBOs and IPOs

- Mergers and acquisitions

- Project management


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Interim Management Solutions provides professional executives in a variety of different disciplines.


To give you an idea of the numerous assignments we have worked on in the last twelve months alone, here is an real example of a typical month's enquiries:



Project manager for a plant relocation of a textile manufacturer


IT Director for an ERP manufacturing system implementation


IT Director to restructure an entire IT dept


Director of operations for a manufacturer -  restructuring the company and revealing corruption


HR Director for the relocation of a heavy industry manufacturer


General Manager of a sheet metal manufacturer for factory turnaround


Commercial General Manager for a fertilizer manufacturer to restructure the whole company


PR Manager for Events management company


Finance Consultant for fashion company consolidating over 40 plants in China

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Organisations increasingly see interim managers as a positive part of their overall recruitment strategy and we frequently place people into project management roles, mentoring roles (often very senior practitioners, on a part-time basis) or roles that steer organisations through times of change.


Many organisations are restructuring and an expert ‘outsider’ can often be more independent and objective, and may find it easier than a permanent employee to make tough decisions.


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